I started this blog to record my personal devotion and dialogue with God every day. I wanted 2014 to be a year where I could keep a daily quiet time alone and listen to His heart.  I was on holiday for Christmas when I had an impression that I should keep a journal from the beginning of the new year for 365 days. The number 365 kept flashing in my mind. Initially, I just intended this to be my own private journal. Then my mother-in-law confirmed to me on the same day that she felt a prompting from the Lord that I was to write for others too. She did not know at the time that I had quietly committed to 365 days of journaling. When she told me her thoughts, I was reminded of a prophetic word I had received a year ago that I was going to write a lot. Maybe even books. I took it as confirmation from the Lord and committed to writing 365 days in 2014 on this blog.  I hope these devotionals bless you. May the Lord’s favour and grace be with you richly.

Ian Foo


One thought on “About”

  1. dude Ian bro this is so professionally done and so awesome! You’re inspiring me to journal / blog; I’ve ways wanted to do it but never committed

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