20 December 2014

It is true that having faith in God and obedience to him prospers us. We can see in the Old Testament how God rewards those who seek him and obey him. But we should also remember that God also judges and punishes the faithless and disobedient.

Our minds easily slip into processing how to avoid the judgement and punishment of God and how to receive the greatest blessing from God. If we are not careful, that becomes our religion. That to believe means to prosper in God, to be blessed and rewarded, to live a good life.

Whilst that may be the case for some, it is not the point of faith. Jesus Christ said, “Follow me”. He was a servant of God and of man. When his disciples asked to sit on his left and right hand, they were rebuked because they misunderstood the faith. But later the disciples lived out their faith in service and dedication to the Lord. We have been called to do likewise. To search for a way to serve like Jesus Christ. Not to search for a better way of life. But i admit that i do more of the latter than the former.

Lord, may i focus more on how to serve like you rather than how to be served. The world causes us to dream of ways to be served, to enjoy life, to get rich. That is completely anti-faith. I rebuke these thoughts and desires. I pray that as you help me focus more on how to serve you and others, i focus less on serving myself and my selfish desires.


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