14 December 2014

We are fascinated and drawn toward new things. We talk about what is in fashion and what is not. What is in trend and what is out of date. We look forward not backwards. But some of us may still have fragments of our lives stuck in the past. Although time keeps moving on, our past does not vanish into the air. People speak about moving on and not dwelling on he past. But the only true way of dealing with our past is to bring it to God.

For God is the same today, yesterday and forever. If we need a redeemer, he has provided an answer – Jesus Christ. The one who takes all of our past and strips away the mistakes, the pain, the anger and the regrets, then replaces it with a past which is redeemed. No one else can do that except our Lord and Savior. Every other way of dealing with our past is temporary and does not last.

Jesus not only forgives our past but sets us on a new trajectory to restore the things of God and redeem the brokenness in this world. We now have a new identity, a new mission and a new end game.

Lord Jesus, thank you for what you have done for me. Thank you for forgiving my past, keeping me on the right track and instilling your heart and mind in me. I ask that you continue to fill me in your presence, so that I know your thoughts and know your will. You are my Shepherd.  


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