13 December 2014

The Lord commands us to “Be holy because I am holy.” This requires us to set ourselves aside for sacred use. Our time can be spent doing things which are good and useful or for things that create more strife, worldly desires, insecurities or pride. Time set aside for God doesn’t necessarily have to be quiet time in prayer or in reading scripture. When we serve others as a form of worship, it is holy. When we do the tasks we ought to do, it is holy. When we care for one another, it is holy. Being careful with how we spend our time is a good way to live a holy life.

Father, my i make the best use of the time you have given me. For you have said, “make the best use of time, for the days are evil”. May you help me make the best use of my time each day. 

12 December 2014

The Lord calls us to live by faith and not by sight. But our instincts and our experience calls us to live the opposite way. I think that we are constantly trying to assess and re-assess our environment. We are constantly trying to figure out how things work in order that we can control or somehow understand how to make things work out for us in the best way.

Through science and medicine we have reached a point where almost everything can be explained. But what if that is only the tip of an iceberg? What if there are mysteries of God so deep that we will not be able to fathom them? We once thought the world was flat, but what a difference it made to our understanding and ability when we discovered it was in fact round? One fact could change everything. And yet there could be such a vast number of facts and truths beyond our comprehension now. Any one of these could change everything about what we believe and the reason why we do things.

The Lord knows such knowledge may be too much for us and so he calls us instead to simply live by faith and not by sight. He has given us sufficient resources and intelligence for the day to day things, but there are certain decisions and motivations that he calls us to live by faith and not by sight.

Lord Jesus, you know my thoughts and you know my motivations. They are not always grounded in faith because i have the tendency to live by sight. I ask you to help me believe that you are already working to take care of the future for me and that i have the freedom to choose what is right and godly over the worldly things. May i strive to live by faith and not by sight.

11 December 2014

The Lord is the Creator and it is his delight to see us co-create with him. Just as God created the earth and us, he has given us the gift of creativity that has allowed us to rise above every other living thing on earth. He has given us the ability to dream and plan and go further than any other living organism on earth. He has done this because i believe he wants us to share his joy of creation.

But because of sin and because we give in to evil thoughts as well, some of the created things we have today can also be used as a tool for destruction. The internet, weapons, technology and biological advancement have both the power for good and to protect and the power to destroy us.

I believe the Lord calls us to pour out our hearts and desires onto him in order that he may infuse us with his light and his plans. Because they are plans for good and for prosperity. May we not lend our plans and creativity to evil and may we co-create with our Creator.

Lord God, thank you for giving me to ability to dream, to plan and to create. I ask for your blessing in this area of my life. May I co-create with you and not with evil. May i give you my hopes and dreams, and may you cause your light to shine upon me so that i will create a reality in your plan – for only your plan will prevail in the end.


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