10 December 2014

I am often rushing through things. Rushing to get to work in the morning, rushing to get breakfast, quickly reading through and replying emails and getting the rest of to-dos done. I become impatient and stressed, and in turn i rush through things and become even more impatient.

It’s not in God’s nature to rush anything however. In creation, we can see that everything takes its own course and cannot be hastened or rushed. The sun comes up and goes down in its own time, the trees grow at their own pace. It’s impossible to “speed up” nature. Yet this is exactly what i feel i am doing to myself and subjecting my mind and spirit to each day. It’s not good and it’s not natural.

Lord Jesus, i need to come to you for i am easily burdened by the hustle and bustle of life. I know you will pace me through things and i know that i can rely on you to give me a rhythm in my spirit so that i am able to break free from the rushed mentality. Help me Lord and may i find joy and peace in the rhythm of your Holy Spirit.


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