4 December 2014

A person’s power or strength is not just displayed through the ability to do great things, but in the ability to endure hardships. A person’s freedom is not only experienced through the lack of restrictions, but in the ability to restrain one’s self from harmful things.

Jesus demonstrated this truth perfectly in his life. He demonstrated his power through the healings and miracles he performed, but he demonstrated his strength in enduring insults, ridicule, torture and finally the cross.  Although Jesus is the Christ and the King, he did not use his freedom to serve or please himself, but instead he resisted temptation from the devil and subjected himself to the law.

Lord, when i have to endure hardships, i pray that you will strengthen me through it. When i have freedom, i pray that i do not use it to harm myself or others, but to serve you and others. Thank you Jesus for showing me the way. Keep teaching me and coaching me along the way.


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