30 November 2014

It’s hard to trust or rely on investment advice we get. It’s hard because nothing is certain and no one really knows for sure what will happen tomorrow. Just like many other cities in the world, change is the only constant. Buildings come and go, shops change every season, people immigrate and emigrate in and out. Nothing is permanent or certain and so there is risk in depending on or trusting any advice we are given about the future.

But God’s promises and covenants are unchanging and certain. They are dependable and they bring life and prosperity to those who listen diligently and abide in them. It’s the best investment advice we can receive and bet everything on. It will provide the highest return – in fact the most immeasurable return. Some see their returns quickly, some returns take longer, but they will come.

Lord God, may i depend more on your Word than on the words of the world. May i not be swayed out of balance from the things i hear and see, but may i trust completely in what you say. May your words be the best investment advice i take to heart and may your words sink deeper than anything else i see or hear.


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