24 November 2014

There is an attitude of entitlement in many of us. I easily find myself feeling entitled to many things which are not necessarily “as of right”. The spirit of entitlement stifles the spirit of thankfulness and praise. I find myself praising God a lot less and overlooking the many things that are going so right for me when i embrace this spirit of entitlement.

The truth is that i am not entitled to much at all. Most of what i have was given to me. Although i have worked hard, i was handed many opportunities and resources to succeed.

Lord, I have what i have because of you. You gave me all that i have now and it is true that everything is already yours. You give and you take away. So help me Lord to develop a spirit of thankfulness and gratefulness to enjoy your blessings and be inspired to bless others with what i have been given. I reject the spirit of entitlement. I embrace the spirit of truth and light.

23 November 2014

I can go through a day without realising the wonderful gifts that God has given me to enjoy. From the work i do, to the people i meet, to how events unfold and fall into place. It may be possible to miss the many blessings God has gracefully poured into my life day after day.

If i hold on too tightly in anticipation of a certain one thing which i am hoping in prayer to have, i might miss the other gifts that God is pouring out into my life.

Lord may you forgive me for not seeing and being grateful for the wonderful gifts you have poured into my daily life. I know i am blessed to be in you. I am blessed beyond measure to know you are my God and that i have your forgiveness, redemption and grace.


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