22 November 2014

Relationships can be easily abused. The relationships can often be a matter of networking, increasing social status and opportunities. There are also the toxic relationships of couples when each is trying to fulfil their own needs and demands through the other person. These kind of relationships are easily discarded when the usefulness of the other person is spent or exhausted.

True relationships are based on genuine love and care for the other person. The point is not how useful the person is to me, the point is how well we each appreciate the sacrifices each other makes for growing and strengthening the relationship.

Our relationship with God is probably one of the “easiest” but most crucial relationship to have. It is easy because God is always good, always fair, always loving and always truthful. It is the most crucial because God is the only relationship that will sustain and strengthen our spirit – with him, all our other relationships are more easily aligned. Without him, our other relationships can be easily misaligned.

Father Lord, thank you for desiring a relationship with me despite my flaws, inadequacies, my impatience, my rudeness and my lack of faith at times. Forgive me Lord and renew a steadfast spirit within me and a desire to strengthen my relationship with you.


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