Looking back

5 November 2014

During the busy hours of the day, we seldom feel God’s hand and presence with us. Even though we may pray in the morning for his help and strength, it can’t be helped that we may feel drained and tired as the day progresses.

But at the end of the day, if we take a moment to consider all that has happened, all that we have got done and accomplished, it may be easier to see God’s hand and grace in our day in hindsight. If we take a moment in the evening to consider the day in trust that God had been with us, it may be that we start to see God’s provision and care. And if we can’t see it today, we can look further back in the weeks, months or even years that have passed – and we will see God’s hand.

We may be late to praise him for today, but perhaps we are able to praise him looking back at all the other days and weeks, when he took care of us and showered us with his mercy and grace.

Lord Jesus, help me see and know that you are good. That your plan is not to harm me, but to prosper me and to give me a future. Help me to trust in you Lord, help me to find strength in reflecting on the times before and acknowledging your hand with me all this time.


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