27 October 2014

I believe prayer opens our spiritual eyes and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. We often pray because we need or want something – but prayer can be for thanksgiving and for focusing our minds on God. It is the blocking out of all other distractions and welcoming the Lord into our thoughts. Someone said today, it is asking for God’s heart to be our heart and for his desires to excite us.

The devil will use all ways and means to distract us away from prayer because it can be one of the most powerful weapons we have as believers. In prayer scripture can come to mind to pierce the lies of the devil, peace can transcend chaos, fear is dissipated and the comfort of God can wrap around us.

Lord, may my prayer time with you be filled with the Holy Spirit. May you bring to mind your word of truth, your wisdom and your assurance. May i tackle difficulties with prayer, may i give thanks in prayer, may i present needs and desires in prayer, may i draw near to you in prayer. May this nearness to you be my strength and song.


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