24 October 2014

My mind can zoom frantically here and there in the day – trying to coordinate and make the best use of time. There are days when it feels like there simply isn’t enough time to do everything.

But if i just “slow down” a little and take a pause to acknowledge that God is in the midst of my busyness – i can start to receive his calming spirit. I start to realise that God is able to do far more when i “slow-down” and acknowledge him, then when i am in frantic mode.

Lord of heaven and earth. You surpass time and space and i thank you for calming me when i get frantic with the “to-dos” each day. Lord i need your peace of mind and for you to calm my heart. You keep me in perfect peace.

23 October 2014

It is pleasing to God when we spend time with him. Just as a father loves time spent with his children, our Heavenly Father also enjoys our time with him. Each day there are scrabbling thoughts about what we need to do, tasks to complete, things to check, emails to reply and places to go. There is an urge to get right into the action of these things so that we can be diligent in accomplishing all that the day has in store for us. It can be hard to shake off this urge to hit the ground running.

But if we believe that God has made each day and given it to us as a gift, then surely, he has also intended that each day should be spent meaningfully with him. It’s not only about carving out a few minutes of quiet time each day. It’s also about experiencing his presence in the midst of our busy schedules.

Holy Spirit, may you enable me to experience the presence of God in the midst of the day’s activities. May your presence permeate each day. Help me to see your hand in everything i do. Thank you for creating today for me. May i experience your love and care throughout the day.


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