Before starting the day

22 October 2014

Aligning ourselves with God in our spirit is an on-going challenge for every Christian. When we are put in different circumstances, we tend to align ourselves to best adapt to those circumstances. There comes a time when that easily shifts our focus and God is displaced by other distractions.

Seeking God at the start of the day is probably one of the most effective ways to begin on the right foot. Just like a good breakfast, it keeps us running healthily spiritually throughout the day. I always find that skipping a good breakfast compromises my energy and appetite for the rest of the day. I’m more prone to snacking and eating at an odd times and everything seems out of balance. But a good breakfast always pays off. Just like a good quiet time with God first thing in the morning always pays off.

Lord, i pray that i can commit each morning in quietness with your Spirit. May i receive from you each morning, my strength, my marching orders and my resolve to align myself to you. Help me get right with you before i start the day. May you help me in this discipline.


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