12 October 2014

I was just reminded by a testimony i heard today about how God created us to delight in His creation and that He also delights in our appreciation of Him. We were meant for mutual enjoyment of each other. The Creator and the created interacting with one another in perfect harmony. We were not created just to follow a set of rules and be good, but were created instead with choices of how to interact with God.

It’s so refreshing to look at a beautiful scenery and be amazed at creation. The best thing about it is that it is all freely given to us as a gift from God. Nothing created by human hands could match the beauty and majesty of nature. And the pinnacle of all His creation is of course – us. God created not just one human, but two at the beginning until He said that it was finally “good”. He created us for each other as well as for Himself.

Our human relationships with one another is more beautiful than nature itself, but we sometimes abuse these relationships or take advantage of them. Just as we also abuse nature.

Lord God, may You teach me how not to abuse relationships or take them for granted, may relationships with people be one of the greatest blessings in my life and be the conduit of Your blessings into others as well. May i stand in awe of Your creation and the beauty of everything free which You have created for me to enjoy. May i worship You through the enjoyment of these things and grow closer to You as i admire Your work.


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