11 October 2014

Our God is constantly at work. Although He is the Sovereign God, His sovereignty over everything does not mean He sits back and waits for things to happen according to His will. He is not an absent God, He is not a God without lips to speak or ears to hear. He is a compassionate and active God.

He is involved in molding, teaching and guiding us as we allow Him to do His work in us. Some would even claim He is re-arranging certain things and re-calibrating our spiritual GPS when we lose our focus on Him. Ultimately, He is also involved in answering our prayers and needs.

Although our choices may sometimes lead us into trouble, He never leaves us, but seeks us out. It’s just that we sometimes continue to run from His care and refuse to return to Him. But like the account of the prodigal son, we who profess the name of Jesus will know the way back to the Father. Just like how the prodigal son still remembered how to return home to his earthly father after squandering away his life, we also have a spiritual GPS deposited in us called the Holy Spirit, who guides us back in gentle whispers. And when we do return, i believe, we will find the ultimate reflection of the Father’s heart who yearns for our return and celebrates as the earthly father did with the return of his prodigal son.

Holy Spirit, may You guide me back to the Father’s heart, may you turn my eyes, mind and steps back toward the worship of God. May i walk, think and act in a manner that is glorifying and worthy of professing the name of Jesus. May You continue to direct my paths and make my paths straight Lord.

10 October 2014

The strongest and most important things in life are relationships. Without relationships, our life can be devoid of meaning. Relationships bring meaning and wholeness to our being. They transcend any material possession, status, power and wealth. After all, aren’t we chasing after a lot of the above because we subconsciously believe these things will secure us a better experience of relationships?

Whatever our relationships may look like, our relationship with God will affect every other relationship on earth. My relationship with God nourishes my soul so that i am able to give and share of His love with others, in order to build them up and to bring the love of our Saviour into their lives. It’s never a one way street, it’s a two way street but the one who loves well ultimately gains the most.

May i build on my relationship with You Lord. Be The Lord over every other relationship i have here on earth. Be the nourishment and the sustenance i need to send light into everyone i am in touch. Be in the midst of my marriage and may my marriage be a reflection of Your love, grace and desire for companionship with us.


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