8 October 2014

The environment we live in affects the way we think and act. At church people tend to be more polite and courteous, but in the work environment, the same people can be rude and selfish. Most Christians, including myself, suffer from this dichotomy in our character. There are workshops and books written on how to be a Christian at both the workplace, at home and at church. This is true and we must be consistent in our behavior, but i have also come to realise that there are some environments, particularly, working environments, where it can be far too overwhelming to lead a lifestyle in tune with God.

As much as we should not give up on slight setbacks or challenges at work and persist in our efforts to be where God places us, there also comes a time when it is time to move on. Especially when we begin to see our health, emotions and spirituality deteriorate significantly. We must recognise it when this happens and rather than think of it as a defeat, it is more a matter of courage to move ourselves out of a toxic environment in order to re-establish our spiritual lives with God. At the end of the day, we suffer the most harm and cause the most harm to our loved ones if we neglect our spiritual lives.

Lord, it takes discernment and it is discernment which i seek from You. In all things, in all decisions and choices, may You be the one centering my thoughts. Lord, show me how i should walk and when i should walk away from things. Keep me on your path Lord and not the path of the world.

7 October 2014

Were we made with the propensity for evil or for good? Nature versus nuture? If we observe the world we live in, it would seem to be a reasonable conclusion that we were born with the inclination toward evil. The world had rejected Jesus and crucified the King on a cross. If Jesus had come in this time, i believe the result would have been similar – or worse still, no one would have believed and simply ignored the reality of God among us.

But i believe that we are all children of the living God. If we were made in the image of God then surely, we were also made for goodness and our nature should be good. When we do evil things, we are not ultimately joyful or fulfilled. Most of us will feel remorse after saying hurtful things to others, most of us will be ashamed of losing our temper. Most of us do not feel great and will carry a sense of guilt if we cheated someone for our own gain or benefit.

Over time, as we allow the Holy Spirit to have His way more and more in us, we will be more prone to seeking good over evil as the rewards would outweigh the discipline it takes to be godly. God asks us to be holy because He is holy. Although it is by grace we are saved, it is our calling to be holy. Paul talks about it being a race, where there is training and discipline to be done to finish it well. May we train well for it by training ourselves in good conduct. May this bring the joy of The Lord into our hearts and wholeness to our being.

Lord, where i have fallen, pick me up and wash me so that i may be cleansed in Your blood. Let me not take Your split blood lightly or forget the love You have shown me. May i train myself in holiness.


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