Who’s voice?

3 October 2014

In the midst of all the voices and different opinions i hear today, people are struggling to be heard, to be understood, for their point of view to be seen. Yet in all this, there are also very few ears to hear, and even those ears that are open are also shallow. Sometimes because we only hear what we want to hear and sometimes because the media keeps repeating the same skewed version of events. Where is the truth? What is the real story behind every fight? A friend of mine reminded me, God gave us two eyes and two ears, but only one mouth. But we tend to use the mouth more than we use our eyes to seek the truth and ears to listen to both sides.

It can admittedly be confusing as information floods every corner of society today. From our phones, tv, newspapers and social media – there is a real need for discernment. In these times, we really need to rely on God’s wisdom and discernment. May He open our eyes and ears, and may it be His voice that we hear over the crowd.

“My sheep recognize my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27

It is good to remember that Jesus listened to no one else but the Father. Even when His disciples tried to persuade Jesus otherwise, Jesus stood firm in obeying the Father’s voice and instruction. In the face of strong opposition and even life threatening circumstances, Jesus went away to find a quiet place to commune with God so that He could shut out the voices of the world and listen to the only source of unchanging truth.

Lord, you are true and unchanging. You are holy and perfect. In You there is no darkness, in You all that is and was and will be comes together. You are the source of all things good and holy. Let my eyes and ears rest upon You. Let my heart set itself against You the solid Rock.


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