One small step in the right direction

25 September 2014

Faith in God grows when we exercise faith. Faith is not zapped into a person or handed on a silver platter. It requires training, dedication and experience. Jesus once said that if we had faith the size of a mustard seed, we would be able to command a mountain to move – meaning, nothing would be impossible for us.

I believe the key is not in the size of faith but how we use our faith. Taking small steps of faith in the right direction is important in growing and strengthening our faith. If we put a mustard seed on a plate, it would not grow. But if we put the seed in soil, it would begin to take on life. If we place our faith in our own strength, jobs and money, our faith would not grow. If we place our faith in Jesus, we start to put it in good soil. When we exercise our faith, even in the smallest way, in how we make choices, we begin to water this mustard seed of faith. The mustard tree does not grow overnight, but over time. With continuous care and attention, it will grow into a large strong life giving tree. So it is with our faith. And when testing times come, our faith will ride us through the storms of life.

It all begins by trusting in Jesus, putting our needs in His hands, choosing what would please God and believing He is good.

Lord God, i trust in You. My every need is taken care of by You. You keep me in Your sacred place where no enemy can harm me. You build me up as i bolster my faith in You by choosing right over wrong. Your burden is light and Your yoke is easy. Help me to put my faith into practice in every way, taking small steps each day, building it up as time goes by.


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