Not an orphan

24 September 2014

There are times when we can feel abandoned by God. It could feel as though He had forsaken us, left us and deserted us to our enemies. When something very unfair happens to us, or when there is a series of mis-fortunes, it can seem like we have been orphaned by God. But that is never true. Jesus told us that He will not leave us as orphans or abandon us.

In Genesis, we see how a slave girl, Hagar was asked to bear Abraham’s son because his wife Sarah was barren. After Hagar was pregnant, Sarah despised her and Hagar had to leave whilst pregnant. Hagar wandered in the wilderness as a pregnant woman and cried out to God, and God heard her cry and send an angel to coax Hagar back into the safety of Abraham and Sarah to bear her child. Even though Hagar and her son were not the promised line of God, God had mercy and heard Hagar’s cry for help. And even the second time round, when Hagar was asked to leave the family, God came to her rescue again and made Hagar’s descendants a mighty land.

In all this, we know that God never abandons His children, regardless of who they are. There will no doubt be things we cannot explain and unfairness, tragedies that seem to fly in the face of this promise. But I believe God is always near and holds each child dearly in His heart.

Thank you Lord that I am your beloved son. Thank you for your care and watchful eyes. May i rest in this knowledge, may i rejoice in this and may i draw strength in this promise also when things go wrong.


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