Perfect peace

21 September 2014

There are moments in our day that will be frustrating, stressful and difficult. In all these moments, Jesus is there right beside us. No problem is too small or difficult for Him who sits at the right hand of God. When we try to focus our perspective on our problems by remembering that these are only momentary troubles in light of eternity with God, there will always be a glimpse of peace. But this peace is easily knocked away by the next anxious thought or distraction.

So we must continue to claim this peace in our minds, which transcends all understanding. It is not the peace where everything is calm and serene, it is the peace which is anchored in the person of Jesus. Because we know that He will provide a way and He will make a way for us in our troubles. It is not the peace of nothingness and a blank state of mind, it is a mind directed back to the unchangeable and sovereign God who watches over us. May we not fret and let our minds scatter all over the place when we are faced with problems, but may we pull our minds back to the person of Jesus who never leaves us.

I shall fear no evil, i shall fear no trouble, because i have the Prince of Peace living in my heart. The One who is faithful, the One whose Name is above all names. Lord Jesus, give me your peace, not the peace that the world gives, but your perfect peace that transcends all understanding, transcends all situations, all troubles and every worry. I will rest in your arms and your perfect peace will refresh my soul and my body. Thank you Lord Jesus.


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