16 September 2014

It’s not easy living for a reward that may be delayed. In the world, there are examples of short term and fast rewards. We work and receive a salary each month, we might invest and reap a financial gain in a short span of time. But other things like education, health and relationships might take a longer time before the results of our efforts can be seen. Perhaps the best rewards take longer to reap.

Likewise, our heavenly rewards are also hidden for us in Christ. There may be some direct experiences here on earth, but I believe whatever lies in heaven is far greater than anything we can experience in this world. But it’s going to be the wait of a lifetime before we experience these rewards, and that can give us less incentive to wait. Not that we should only live for these rewards, but Jesus speaks about heavenly rewards because this is rightfully something we can look forward to. This is something we know makes-up for everything that is sacrificed.

 Lord, may I take delight and encouragement in knowing that there does wait for me rewards beyond my imagination with You. May I take joy in this, may this joy also help me to carry on with what I need to do here right now. Thank you that you let us know that working for You will provide the best reward we can ever receive. One that will outlast anything, one that will weigh better than anything else in this world.


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