Not the peace the world gives

15 September 2014

We sometimes dare not believe something because it sounds too good to be true. Many times this is prudent and shows good discernment. Quite rightly, there rarely is a free lunch or a free ride in the world we live in. It makes us work hard for our own good and independent rather than dependent on others.

That is all good. But when it comes to facing God and our relationship with Him, independence is not required. In His reality, the more we depend on Him, the closer we are to Him. The more we doubt His love and His goodness, the less we receive. There is no condemnation for those in Christ. Yet i sometimes still walk around in past shame. We have been called by grace and it is by grace that we have been saved. The Lord’s mercy was not due to our good works. Yet i still sometimes want to work for His approval because that is how i function in the world.

All He wants me to do is to rest in Him because i already have His approval. I don’t need to strive for His affection because it is already mine. I am the apple of His eye. His love and affection cover me. I am protected and loved. I will find rest for my soul and strength in the joy of the Lord. Kingdom economics is the direct opposite of this world.

Lord God, i need to rest in You. I need to refresh my mind, body and soul in You. I need to stop striving and trying to earn my right to rest in Your peace. I just need and want to be in Your peace. Keep me in your perfect peace Lord. Help me to trust in You always and know that You are God.


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