11 September 2014

The story of Jonah the prophet is one of the most unusual accounts in the bible. Jonah was an angry and reluctant prophet who did not want God to forgive his enemies. But God was not only determined to forgive Jonah’s enemies through Jonah, God was also determined to teach Jonah grace and mercy despite his stubbornness.

Even in the last account, Jonah remained exceedingly angry at God for forgiving his enemies. Yet God repeated to Jonah the question – “do you do well to be angry?”. In all his anger, Jonah was missing God’s grace and mercy. Jonah saw injustice in God because God forgave his enemies when they repented. In all his anger, Jonah also didn’t realise how exceedingly patient God was with Jonah.

Sometimes, i let anger get in the way of seeing God’s ways. It doesn’t always make sense and i may even react childishly like Jonah, but i thank God that He is patient with me and my childish ways sometimes.

Lord God, forgive me and help me to calm my short-sightedness. Help me to see the bigger picture and not be caught up in being angry or losing perspective of Your goodness. You alone are good. Lord, may you refresh my mind when it grows dull. May you fill me in your Holy Spirit.


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