10 September 2014

Sometimes I am tempted to give up on something just because i am not able to follow or carry it out fully. My thinking goes that if i can’t fully follow it or do it now, i may as well resolve not to even start. There are some times when we can rightfully apply this view, but we cannot apply this in our walk with God. 

No one is perfect and without sin. Some people refuse to put their faith in Christ because they think they will never be able to live up to a holy standard of living. Some feel unworthy of Christ. But living out the Christian life is a process and it can consist of ups and downs. At times, we can “back-slide”, but we cannot give up on pushing forward to the goal of living a holy life to Christ. Every bit counts, and every effort to fight toward a holy life is meaningful. There are some famous pastors who have made mistakes and the public reaction at their mistakes can sometimes be cruel and unforgiving. But there is redemption in Christ.

I believe no one is too far off the path of Christ that they cannot be redeemed by Christ. Let there be grace. Let there be redemption.

Lord Jesus, i fall short of your holiness in so many ways. I don’t want to take your redemption for granted and i do not want to cheapen your grace and mercy. But help me Lord in my weakness. May your Holy Spirit strengthen my resolve to lead a holy and blameless life. It may seem very far off and i may not even be close, but Your grace is sufficient for me Lord. May You forgive my transgressions and may Your light shine upon me. I will strive. I will not give up. Please don’t give up on me Lord.


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