9 September 2014

Sometimes the packaging of a gift can add a lot to the appearance of a gift. But the gift itself may be quite ordinary on its own. Great things don’t always come in great packaging. And great packaging may not always mean something great is there.

Jesus did not come as an earthly king but He is the King of kings. He was not wrapped in fine clothing, yet He lives in the splendour of heaven and the heavenly angels surround and worship Him.

Perhaps there may be certain things in life that will not come packaged in a great way, but therein may lie hidden treasure from God.

May I not overlook those things that do not come in great packages Lord. For i know You have a tendency to hide Your great gifts in humble packages. May i humble myself to see the real value in things. May i have Your wisdom to know the difference. Holy Spirit, may You fill me in through and through.


8 September 2014

Holy living is the standard that we should be aspiring to. It is tempting to judge our living standards against those set by the world and even within the church, we sometimes think numbers equate to a better church. I believe that numbers do not impress God. For even Jesus accounted for the old widow who put in two copper coins as an offering and said that she put in far more than what other wealthy people were giving as offerings. Jesus saw the heart and devotion not the number that was given. Similarly, holy living consists of the small things we do and not just the large show cases every year or so.

Lord Jesus, may my heart be devoted to living a holy life. May i treat each small gesture with care and may i not take for granted the importance of living a holy life when no one is looking. You see me all the time Lord. May i make you proud and may i delight your heart.

7 September 2014

Without direction from God, we can sometimes struggle in vain. We can be faced with a myriad of opportunities, decisions and choices throughout our lifetime. Some choices we make will be good but this is not always the case. Only God knows the best path for us because He has already created us specially for that. But where we end up in life is not always based on the big decisions we make. It is also based on the small choices we make everyday. May God bless us in the small moments as well as the times when we meet crossroads.

Father Lord, you know my path best and I pray that the one I am walking now is in Your will. May you also guide me throughout the small decisions and steps I make each day. Let my thoughts rest on You every now and then so that I know I am resting on steady ground when I make my moves. Thank you Lord.


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