3 September 2014

Our life can be compared to a prism. The light of God shines upon us and like a prism that refracts the light into a rainbow spectrum, we are also God’s prisms and project out His light into the world before us.

The rainbow is a natural wonder and beauty of this world. It is a delight to see one and brings hope and significance to almost everyone.

Like this, we can also be a rainbow of God’s light to people around us. We are each so different and the light that we project of God is likewise different. But whether it is a delight to those around us depends on how we keep ourselves open and keen to God. The more of God we let in and the more frequently we let God into our lives, the more we project this beautiful rainbow of His glory into the world.

Lord, help me to be your prism of light. Let me be a vessel and may i invite you frequently into my life so that i can shine your glory and your beauty for more to see.

2 September 2014

There are exemplary men and women who have excelled in their field of expertise and have reaped great rewards as a result. Whether they are actors, athletes, professionals or business people, those who have risen to the top of their game are revered and respected.

I admire all these people and their qualities for making it to the top. I know that i may not have the same qualities or have the same abilities, but i know that God will take whatever i have and multiply it if i give Him my best.

I can give the world my best but there is no guarantee of a return or even a difference to make. But i can rest in the assurance that whatever i give to God, as long as it is sincere, will never go to waste. My God is able to make the weakest one who puts trust in Him become the strongest. My God is the God who will confound the wisdom of this age. His is the invisible Kingdom that i want to work for.

Someone once said, it is not the amount of money or personal success that one achieves that counts, but the number of people who have been positively impacted as a result of one’s life.

Lord, i pray that You help me to be part of Your blessing to as many people as possible. I may be tempted to work for the world and look to the world for self-worth, but let me not measure myself in this way. Rather, help me to know my worth in Your Kingdom and in Your heart.

1 September 2014

Visiting and seeing the simple faith of missionaries makes me wonder if I can do the same in my life.

Hearing their testimonies of how God always showed up and provided at just the right time makes me wonder if I can trust God in the same way.

God just seems so much more present and active in their lives. Is it God being more active or is it them being able to see more of God because that is who they constantly look toward?

What does it look like for me to have an active faith and trust in God in my life? I may not live in the same circumstances as the missionaries I visited. I have all and more than I need with more luxuries but I realise I need to have the same need for God in my life. I need to make Him a part of my life in the way they do. I need to acknowledge His miracles and blessings in my life and be grateful like they are. Not missing any chance to praise and thank God for the blessings received. I need to do the same too.

Lord Jesus, thank you for opening up my eyes to see that I need to include more of You in my life. I want to praise You for every blessing You have showered upon me. I know I have received great favour from You. I want to depend more on You just like they do.

31 August 2014

How lavish is the Father’s love? More than we can ever comprehend right now. We know this because we are told this, but when we experience it, that can really change our perspective on things.

We can experience His love through the testimonies of other people and seeing how they’ve transformed. We also experience His love directly, when we realise the patience and kindness He has shown us by withholding something or by giving us something.

His love redefines what we think love is. Because He loves the most unlovable in the world. His love expands our vision of what it can do. Because we experience healing, miracles and power in His love. His love re-focuses my mind and heart back into His Kingdom. Because it satisfies my soul desire.

Lord Jesus, let me experience and live in Your awesome love each day of my life. Let my soul be satisfied with Your love alone. Let me not seek to fill my heart with anything less than Your pure and delightful love. My strength and wisdom come from Your love.


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