His kindness

29 August 2014

There is a kindness in God which cannot be found anywhere else or in anyone else. No one comes close to being as kind as God. Although we do see examples of kindness exhibited in people around us, we only catch a moment of a kind act they have done, but each of us knows there can also be a very unkind side to a person as well.

That is not the case with our Father. He is kind all the time, as He is good all the time. His kindness is not a momentary disposition toward us, it is a genuine concern and love toward us which never ceases and never fails. We can rest in this kindness. We can trust and open the deepest of ourselves to this kindness. There is no shame to hide from this loving kindness and there is no sin too great that is not worthy of His loving kindness. It is for each of us because Jesus has made it so.

May my soul rejoice and may i take shelter in Your loving kindness oh Lord. May Your loving kindness kiss me to sleep at night and kiss me awake in the morning. May i seek refuge in Your kindness when the world is unkind, may i trust and cast myself into You and let Your loving kindness surround and envelope me. Only You alone are truly kind and will never forsake me.


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