Rescue operations

28 August 2014

I can be quite hard on myself for failures – some are big and some are small, but it always leaves me in despair. Sometimes things happen beyond my control and without reason, and it can send me spiraling almost into depression. Yet more, if it was due to a mistake i made, i could be so hard on myself that it cripples my ability to focus on what needs doing next!

In our moments of despair, it is so tempting to want to run and escape or even blame someone. I find it comforting to know that i believe in a God who has specialized in people like this throughout history. God’s care over each of them brought them from the deepest valleys to the highest mountains. Elijah was persecuted for being a faithful prophet – he ran away from the persecution and begged God to end his life as he gave up. Elijah went to sleep under a tree in despair hoping never to wake up. Only then to be woken up by an angel of God who baked hot bread for him and refreshed Elijah to continue as one of the greatest prophets. Moses ran away after killing a guard but was not only forgiven, he was established as the person who would lead Israel out of Egypt. Then there is also David’s sin with Bathsheba. Yes, there are consequences of our mistakes, there is pain as well. But God specializes in rescue missions when we are at our lowest point and about to throw in the towel. Many of the great people of God’s kingdom were in need of this rescuing and were in fact so rescued.

Each of us have been rescued from our deepest despair of life without God when we claimed Jesus as our Savior. Still, there will be times we also need another rescue operation. There is no one better at it than God. i need to first turn to God, confess my mistakes or declare my need for His intervention, and then take the courage that God will give me to continue on. He never abandons or gives up on me, so i must never give up on myself either.

Lord Jesus, i confess that i do make some serious mistakes, i do need your forgiveness and covering from shame, guilt and despair. I do not hide these things from You because You are my Abba Father. You are merciful, gentle and full of grace. I ask for your forgiveness, your grace and your encouragement to walk on, to get up and dust myself off everything that weighs me down and hinders me. i will not be bound by my mistakes and i ask for You to break them off me completely in the name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior. Thank you Lord.


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