26 August 2014

Jesus foresaw our failures, our mistakes, our acts of sin, when He died on the cross for us. I tend to struggle with the concept of Jesus atoning for my sins because His death on the cross happened so long ago. But Scripture reminds me that Jesus foreknew each of us and our whole lives were already laid as an open book before Him when He went to the cross.

Jesus is alive and still continues to intercede for me and each of us. He is well versed in our weaknesses and struggles. In Mark 14:27-31, Jesus predicted Peter’s denial of Jesus ahead of time. The specifics that Jesus revealed in his prediction were not guess work – they were accurate events which Jesus saw because He is not bound by time or space.

I stumble all the time in my spiritual walk. I second guess myself and have doubts about my ability and my future. I am not able to see what Jesus has seen and I do not know where I am going and what I will do but Jesus does. I fear making mistakes in the future, but Jesus has already seen the mistakes I will commit. And Jesus has promised never to leave me or forsake me. This promise is one of the keys to intimacy with Jesus. My intimacy with God can be based on the simple promise that He will never leave me nor forsake me, no matter how I screw up. Rather than hide from Him, I can always run to Him in my broken condition and He will be there with open arms. Peter went on the be a great apostle for Jesus despite his early failures and so did many other men and women of faith. I am no exception and I will do great things for God.

Lord Jesus, you are near and here. You will never leave me or forsake me. Everything about me is open to Your eyes and there is no hiding from You. Yet you are merciful and gentle. May my mistakes be forgiven and be used to make me more intimate and stronger for You.


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