Praise Him

25 August 2014

It’s easy to praise God when something good has happened. But someone once said that we can also praise God and thank Him even before we have received what we have asked Him for.

We ask in faith, so perhaps we can also praise in faith. Knowing that regardless of our circumstances now, good things will come, good things will follow, because our Lord is merciful and good. Let us proceed to sing praise even when it is raining on us. Let us come with gladness knowing that all is well not only with our souls but also everything else.

Lord God, be merciful to us Lord and show grace to us in our prayers. I know that You hear my prayer and that nothing falls on deaf ear. I can repeat myself but You will never grow weary, You listen and You are preparing the answers to my prayers for me. You are not slow to act, You are not aloof, You will deliver and You will come through. Praise You Lord for You are faithful. Praise You Lord for You will comfort me in my need. Thank you Lord because you are close to me and discern my thoughts from afar. Praise my Lord, for I have found favour in Your eyes!


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