In the fog

21 August 2014

Everyone wants to know the future and most of us have a hope for what the future holds. But when the outlook before us is unclear and we can no longer “see” what kind of hope awaits us, our hope in God becomes the only thing we can cling on to.

It’s like walking in a thick fog and not knowing where you would eventually end up. There is just enough road in front you to take the next step, but that is all there is. It is frustrating sometimes, but at the same time there are no other “distractions”.

Instead, in these times, i will make use of the lack of “distractions” and the lack of sight into the future, to cling closer to God. To listen even more attentively to His voice, because that is who i can depend on, and the only person i can trust.

Reveal each step to me my Lord. Speak and I will listen, point and i will follow, teach me and i will learn.


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