Intimacy with God

20 August 2014

Ministry without intimacy with God is religion. There are times in my faith when i am more involved in doing faith than in growing my faith. Although the book of James does say that faith without works is dead, it is also true to say that if the work we do does not grow our faith, then something is also wrong. I believe we grow our faith through intimacy with God.

Intimacy with God is not the same as mature faith or godly wisdom. Intimacy with God can transcend even maturity and wisdom, because intimacy means we are paying close attention to how God is moving and instructing us in the Holy Spirit. One can preach, lead and even do great works without intimacy with the Father. But preaching, leading and great works are not a guarantee of intimacy with God. Like many other kingdom principles, intimacy with God is counter-intuitive at times. It does not require a flashy display of godliness. God already desires intimacy with us so we do not need to earn it. We just need to acknowledge His presence, speak to Him, think about Him, invite Him into our plans, our thoughts, our waking moments, our joy and our grief, our finances, our relationships, our families, our interaction with people, our jobs, our work.

When i can’t seem to “feel” the intimacy or when i know i need to get close to God, i sometimes find it helpful to just speak out “Jesus, Lord Jesus” on my lips and let my thoughts linger for a while.

Truly God, i need Your Presence even more than wisdom and works – i need intimacy with You and I need the Holy Spirit to remind me of my need for intimacy with You everyday. Because many things fight for attention over You, and my mind sometimes sways to and fro as i walk through my day. I ask for your voice, your touch, you aroma to fill the air i breathe and affect everything i perceive and do.


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