Giving up control

18 August 2014

Scripture is full of declarations of the faithfulness and goodness of God. In Him there is everything good and desirable. There is nothing that can change who God is and even when God makes a covenant, He has no other name to covenant to but to Himself. I realise that i don’t fully comprehend the majesty of who God is. Because who God is also has a bearing on how secure my life is in His hands. Knowing that God is who He says He is, means that i can completely depend on Him to come through even when it seems almost reckless to believe it.

I am so conditioned to weigh the probabilities, measure the opportunities and establish my own steps – that it is hard to fully depend and trust God to deliver on something which i have no control over. I find it so hard to give up control to God. Although i can say it with my lips and even preach it – truly giving up control to God is not the same. It needs to be learned through experience.

Lord Jesus, I thank you for this precious time of learning to trust in You. Holy Spirit, may you help me to learn how to acknowledge that God is in control and allow my anxious mind to relinquish control unto Him. Lord, be in the driver’s seat. I relinquish control and invite you, plead for you, to come into the driver’s seat of my life and lead me once again. That i may release my personal road map unto you because you will direct my paths – i want to stop drawing up my own life map and re-writing, re-thinking, re-constructing my own way. I want You and You alone to draw it out for me and i want to listen to no other person, not even myself, but only listen to You Lord. Speak to me, lead me.


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