Harvest of Righteousness

15 August 2014

When things go “wrong” in our lives, we tend to do one or two things. First, we blame God for not helping us out. Or we think that God is punishing us. The first suggestion will always be wrong. But it is also the easiest to believe and also the most natural feeling to have. Even when we know it cannot be true, our emotions will betray us.

Some may find biblical support in the fact that God does punish us for what we’ve done wrong and “disciplines” us. But i think that must be taken with care. God is very very patient and also very gentle and loving in the way he deals with us. To think he is a strict teacher or legalistic father without mercy would be twisted from the truth. Yes, there will be a final judgement for each of us. But before that time, i’ve come to know a God who is unimaginably gentle and merciful. The “punishment” or “discipline” we experience now is not meant to make us feel pain because we made God mad. No. I believe that is never the case. For what purpose or delight does that bring God? Rather, the bible says, “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11.

So whatever emotions we feel, we must never allow ourselves to buy into the lie that God is just punishing us for the sake of satisfying his wrath. There is always something to learn and always something to be gleaned, if only we turn to God during these times – both trusting and seeking his will. We need to do both. Trusting him doesn’t mean we stop seeking answers or reasons. Seeking answers and not getting them immediately doesn’t mean we stop trusting God.

Let me remember Lord that you never delight in my pain, that you are never harsh with me or intend for me to feel pain or suffering. But when i make mistakes, when i do wrong, help me to trust in you and seek in you how to train myself to produce a harvest of righteousness in the end.


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