Delighting in the Lord

13 August 2014

Delighting in the Lord is pleasing to the Lord and refreshing to our souls. Sometimes, we forget how to delight in the Lord because we are so focused on doing things and accomplishing tasks. But loving God is not supposed to be a dreary command, full of obligations and works, but also about delighting over small blessings in our lives. 

I would however be the first to admit, that it is not easy, or even natural for me to “delight” in the Lord. I am often bogged down with tasks and to-do lists, worrying, anticipating the future, or just being plain frustrated with the present. How does one find time or reason to “delight” in the Lord when life can be so demanding and frustrating at the same time?

The truth is, life will never be easy. And so delighting in God is not just when life is panning out well, but i think it is a practice that is developed over time. And it takes practice, and practice and more practice. Reminding myself daily the things i am grateful for, starting with the small things and reflecting on the blessings of the day as evening approaches. There will be a strong tendency to do the opposite, but i must fight it. The battle of our hearts begins in our minds.

Lord Jesus, i know you are near and always here. Help me to see and delight in your goodness, help me to reflect and recount the blessings and protection you provide over me. Thank you for blessing my day and allowing me time and space to accomplish tasks at hand. May i wake up daily to a new hope and new excitement to what you will be showing me.


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