10 August 2014

Sometimes in our distress and utter despair, we will have no where and no one else to go to but God. Looking around in the world of war and crimes against humanity, i can either choose to believe there is no God, or i can choose to pray to a God who i know is extending His arms to us.

Lord God, i cannot shake off the horror of what is going on in the world outside mine. I feel so distant from them but i am also rudely awakened to their plight. Where else can i go, what can i do? Dear Jesus, dear Lord of Hosts, i pray and seek for your divine intervention in all this. May you confound the enemy, may you thwart their plans, may you blind their eyes and may you destroy the forces of evil in these places. May you bring hope into this darkness that has fallen upon all of us. May you bring light, may you bring comfort, may you bring deliverance from this evil.


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