9 August 2014

There is a tendency to “search” for God and to strain our ears to hear his voice. Yet God does not hide and has never hidden his presence or voice from us. It’s just that the voices of our mind are too loud and there are too many distractions in the world that it makes it hard to focus on God’s presence and love.

We have a tendency to hide from God as Adam and Eve did. We have a tendency to doubt God and give excuses for ourselves as Moses did. We have a tendency to run away from God’s instructions and refuse God just as the prophet Jonah did. Some of us act too soon in a haste to see results instead of waiting on God like how Abraham did not wait for Sarah to have child. Many of us also have the tendency to turn our backs on God when the going gets tough or the challenges get real – just as the rich young ruler did when Jesus asked him to sell his possessions, or the men who said they would follow Jesus but were challenged that there would be no place to lay their heads.

Yet let me be still before you Lord. Let me not hide in shame or run from the duty you have given me. Let me not act on impulse or decide in haste but give thought and patience to your timing and will, Let me not back down and give up just because the going gets tough and i am challenged. May i be victorious and give you glory. Strengthen my legs Lord, may i walk steadily before you in the glory and righteousness of Christ.


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