5 August 2014

Our imagination and memory can play up powerful images of the past and the future. Each day, i probably spend 50% or more of the time thinking about the future, playing images out in my head or occasionally looking back into things that had happened. More often than not, this exercise does not get me anywhere productive and induces fear, anxiety and a sense of helplessness even.

Just going into a bookstore today, there is a whole section devoted to books to soothe the harshness of life. Christian bookstores store hundreds of books on hope, victory, dealing with brokenness or difficulties in some form or another. Life seems pretty harsh – whether we look back or look ahead – people just seem to find it difficult to cope at times.

But by imagining and putting Jesus in each picture of our minds – whether we are looking into the past or whether we are imagining the future, the idea of Jesus being there, right beside us, has the power to break the cycle of induced fear and helplessness. Jesus was there when that happened to us, He was hurting too but He was also laying out his hands on the cross to receive the injustice in order to redeem everything in the age to come. He is also now opening wide his arms to receive us and embrace us whether we need comfort about the past or encouragement for the future. He is there as our future because He goes before us and He is the beginning, the present and the future. Our God is the God who was and is and is to come.

Lord God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, praise the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Alpha and the Omega, King of kings and Lord of lords. You reign in my past, present and future. In you do i have the redemption from the past, the present to be joyful and the future to look forward to.


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