3 August 2014

There are a lot of claims made in the services we are offered, the products we buy or even the jobs we undertake. But more often than not, these services, products or work do not live up to their claims and we learn in time to take everything with a pinch of salt.

Nothing is as good as it seems, or at least very few things in life are. Thankfully God is perfect and wholly trustworthy. Each and every claim about God and what he will do that is written in the bible is true and will come to pass. It’s not easy sometimes to change our mentality of doubt and we continue to doubt God’s goodness because of disappointments in life. But the One who knows us intimately since we were in our mother’s womb and cared enough to die for us can be trusted. Despite our doubts, disappointments and past experiences, we can and should always hold on to the God of deliverance and redemption.

Lord God, may i trust in your goodness and that your will for me is always good. Though there may be things i do not comprehend or understand, may i not be anxious or dismayed. Lift me up and lift my spirit with your Holy Spirit. Sustain me as i put my trust in you.


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