2 August 2014

Life can feel really complicated at times. There is no shortage of things to do, things to plan for in advance and in the distant future. It’s not uncommon to talk about our plans two or three years from now. There are numerous books written about how to be a better person, a better spouse, parent and employee. Each bestseller makes its mark after the first read but then life simply gets complicated again and we feel the need for another method or alternative rule to live life.

Yet the bible does not present any new solutions to our new troubles and complexities in life. So many find the bible irrelevant and out of date. It’s amazing how we have not been making life simpler to live despite all the advancements in technology and medicine – but we have made life much more complex. Perhaps then, it is a good thing that we are told the Word of God does not change and remains the same today and tomorrow – just like God. Perhaps then, it should be us that should simplify. And there’s no better way than to go back to basics – in the Word of God.

Simplify my life in you Lord. Make it as simple as living my life moment by moment in self reflection through your eyes. Let me take each day as it comes for your Word tells me to let tomorrow worry about itself for the today has enough trouble alone.


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