1 August 2014

There is great humility to be learned when we see great Christian leaders fall into sin. Dr. Yonggi Cho was convicted this year for embezzling millions from his church. Singapore pastor Kong Hee is now embroiled in a scandal and court trial for the same crime.

Did that mean they and other pastors who have been found guilty of crimes had always harboured the intention to deceive and were never true believers? Can they still be considered Christians?

If Jesus were to look into my heart, He would also find the same potential to sin – the same greed for money and desire to be rich. I am not alone and many Christians fight with the same temptation. Sometimes we fall – but i pray and hope that we never fall too far from the grace of God.

To fight this battle we must not only know how to defend ourselves but we must also train ourselves to love and enjoy the fellowship of God over the pleasures of the world. It’s not always about killing off our worldly pleasures – it’s about intentionally finding joy and pleasure in doing what pleases God. It’s about finding more joy in knowing that God is pleased than in seeking the praise of men.

Let my hear be filled with your pleasure and glory. Let it be filled with your Holy Spirit so that there is no opportunity for sin to live in me. May you purify my thoughts and purge the evil that knocks at the door of my heart.

Father Lord, I declare and proclaim that you alone are the one true God and there is no other besides you. Reign in me today and let my light shine wherever you place me today.

Give me wisdom to read and understand the times, give me counsel when i am making my decisions, and bless the work of my hands that i may praise you constantly in my heart.


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