31 July 2014

I believe that when we are blessed by God that we ought to also bless others with a portion of the blessing we have received. It was said that poverty starts when one man refuses to share his bread with his fellow man. Mother Teresa hit such a profound truth and said it with such simplicity that it can be easily overlooked and under appreciated.

It is a challenging statement indeed – not something that sits easily with me or most people in first world countries. With internet and television – none of us in the first world can say that we are not aware of the huge population of poverty stricken people who are dying on a daily basis because of a lack of basic food and water.

God commanded us to tithe our income and to give a portion of it to Him. Whether it be to the church or to other causes – the principle behind it is that our blessings are to be shared with others around us. Never to the extent of overburdening us – but always to the extent we are convicted to be generous even beyond our tithe. He who sows sparingly also reaps sparingly. We do not need to become poor in order to bless others – we just need to develop a heart that seeks to share and bless.

Lord God – may i not forget that everything i have is from you and all your blessings are also opportunities for me to be a blessing to other people. I pray for a heart that is generous, kind, compassionate and willing.  


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