30 July 2014

Scripture has said that one of the most difficult parts of our body to control is our mouth and what we allow to come out of our mouths. Jesus said that if we are his disciples, we ought not to have both salt and fresh water flow from our mouths. On the one hand we use our mouths to praise God and on the other hand to curse. The mouth is the hardest part in our body to control.

But lies or deceptive speech is not the only type of speech that can gets us into trouble. I also believe that we can get ourselves into trouble in other ways by what we allow to come out from our mouths.

It is easy for me to over promise on something and under deliver. There is a tendency to want to sound more confident about something than we actually believe to be the case and i can over compensate prematurely by speaking too soon. I also tend to exaggerate things in my speech to make it sound more colourful.  I believe all this can easily get me into trouble if i am not careful.

Lord Jesus, i pray for your Holy Spirit to guide what comes out from my mouth. May i not take lightly the kind of speech that comes from my mouth and may i not just keep every thought captive to Christ but also every word captive to you.


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