29 July 2014

I have realised that faith in Jesus Christ is a never ending process of learning and seeking the will of God. When i first became a Christian, faith was much easier to understand, absorb and live out. But as the years go by, i am discovering new insights or revelations into the will of God. There are things that cannot be taught in church, things that require seeking and discovering in faith. Faith is not stagnant or to be spoon fed. It is to be lived out in all its imperfections through our lives and i must keep an open heart to what God is doing both in my life and in the lives of other people and the world. Faith is not lived in isolation or just in my own community. God does not just care for my country alone, but for the whole world – so there is so much to discover and so much to learn as to what God is doing globally. None of this can be taught in church alone. And i must not be satisfied to simply live in isolation to all that God is accomplishing.

Lord God, may i continue to be fascinated to explore faith and go beyond textbooks and the church – let me keep and open heart, a discerning eye and a strong understanding of your Word. May i be equipped for my daily walk but also be equipped for what you are doing globally so that i may take part and do the part you have portioned for me in accomplishing your sovereign will Lord.


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