28 July 2014

We try to build our lives around what seems good to us. Everyone has an image of what a dream life in paradise would look like. Whether it be white picket fences surrounding a large house with three and a half children, the Manhattan penthouse and a carefree lifestyle – they’re all great pictures of living the good life. Paradise is deeply ingrained in our DNA. We may not know what it looks like, but God has already prepared a place for us in heaven – a place better than any paradise we can create here on earth.

Whenever i am tempted to make this world my paradise, which is often, i try to remind myself that the true lasting paradise which is incorruptable and indestructable awaits me in heaven – where no thieves can come in and no one can destroy. Whatever i build here on earth will perish or be destroyed or lost – but nothing will be lost through Jesus Christ.

Paradise lives in my heart. May i not settle for anything less. The cross before me and the world behind me. May i not take my eyes off the cross too long – may i make my way home to paradise and not get lost in the man made ones here on earth.  


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