Judging of character

23 July 2014

I believe the character of a person is more important than the ability of a person. A brilliant mind can achieve many things alone, but character that can inspire the masses may achieve far more.

It’s important to cultivate both godly character as well as an eye for judging the character of people around us. We don’t live in isolation from other people but live in a community. It’s therefore crucial to know who we can depend on and who we need to keep a closer eye on. It’s a fine balance between not judging someone and being shrewd in our dealings with other people. Jesus called his disciples to be as innocent as doves but to also be shrewd when dealing with difficult people or dangerous situations.

There may come a time in life when we need to depend on someone else and a proper assessment of who we can and should not depend on, may mean all the difference.

Father Lord, you created me not alone but with a community. Yet let me be careful in my dealings and be a good judge of character in a person. Just as the apostles themselves also needed help from other people in their ministry and life, so will i. And may you open my eyes to choose wisely those i can trust and depend on when i need to.


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