Something new

21 July 2014

It is quite common for Christians to reach a “plateau” of sorts in their faith. When people first come to faith in Jesus, there is often a marked change in their way of life, but over the years, the initial passion and enthusiasm can wear down.

I often wondered if this is a natural and normal occurrence or if this is something we need to pay more attention to. To be honest, i find my faith walk this way too. But i also feel it is not aligned with what God intended us to be.

Perhaps, we are sometimes not looking into creating new ways of keeping our faith alive and alert. I believe that no one can ever “master” faith and the message of Christ. There is revelation after revelation that i believe God intends for us to have in our walk with Him. Maybe, if we only intentionally seek His divine revelation and for him to give us new spiritual eyes and alertness over the course of our lives, being a Christian can and will be much more of a roller-coaster ride.

There is always something new that God wants to teach us. It may be something about ourselves, our family, our surroundings, or globally. God is not static and until the return of Christ, God is at work in carrying out His plans. Perhaps we need to also pray for this divine revelation so that we can partake in His plan for us and this world.

Lord Jesus, may i not be complacent in my faith and understanding of scripture. May you awaken my senses and keep me spiritually alert to the things you desire for me to learn. May i grasp each opportunity that you provide for me to catch a glimpse into what You desire for me to learn and how you desire for me to live.


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