19 July 2014

It is common to see parents give the very best to their children and I would imagine I would also want to do the same for my child. But when Jesus came to us in the flesh, the Father had sent Jesus to be born in a time of great danger and in the arms of a helpless and relatively poor couple.

Jesus did not grow up in royalty or rise up the ranks in society. Which leaves much to be thought about for the disciple. Some disciples believe following Jesus therefore means we must be like Him in this life in all respects. In terms of money and properties, some believe nothing should be owned and quote scripture to support the requirement that all disciples should sell their possessions and give to the poor.

I do not know what exactly a disciple should do with his or her possessions and money, but I do not think our positions of influence, whether in terms of money or authority are given to us just so that we can give it all away or give it all up to be “nothing”.

Rather I think there comes the responsibility and duty of every believer to use his or her talents, possessions, influence and authority given to them, in the best possible way so as to serve the common good of others as well as to take care of themselves and their own families. At the same time, we should not expect God to always bless us materially since material blessings are not necessarily part of God’s plan and are not necessary to accomplish His will to bless our lives or use us. Material blessings if given need to be weighed with care and godly prudence. It is not a consequential result of our faith or good works, it has nothing to do with being more blessed than another. It’s about responsibility.

Father Lord, I know in my life I tend to take material possessions for granted and may even be wasteful and careless in how I use the things you have given me. May I not be self seeking or hoard what you have given me to bless others. I want to be responsible in how I use what I have been given, be it time, money, influence or authority. May I be faithful and proud to meet you face to face on the day of your return.


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