Taking ownership

19 July 2014

There are times in our life when we have to make difficult decisions. Sometimes it may be a choice between hiding or covering up a mistake versus confessing it. It’s easy to come up with reasons that relieve us of some responsibility. We instinctively find something or someone to blame for our mistakes. But deep down, we know it was something we had responsibility for.

Besides our conscience, the Holy Spirit also spurs us on in revealing the secret ways of our heart. When we are not aligned with the truth, our conscience may play up, but it can be easily persuaded and we can convince ourselves that it isn’t all that bad. But i believe the Holy Spirit can take us a step further, by giving us the courage to also confess to our mistakes or to own up for our actions and where we fall short.

And we also have the grace of God and the forgiveness ultimately found in Jesus. Although not all mistakes may be sin, there is a difference in the person that owns up to ones own mistakes and the person who finds a way to hide or pass on the blame elsewhere.

Holy Spirit, may you lead me in courage to meet my mistakes or inadequacies head on. May i not hide from my responsibilities and may i also find solace, forgiveness and another chance to make things right again. I believe that you can restore and redeem and i pray that i will walk in this faith and not be afraid to own up to where i have fallen short.


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