What you desire Lord

17 July 2014

As a child, i would throw a tantrum or sulk if i didn’t get the toy i wanted or have my way about things. I wanted things my way and any other way was an affront to my desires.

Someone once said that our problem is not that we ask for too much, it’s that we ask for too little. For example, we may work and aim tirelessly to secure stability and security, when in fact, God wants to bless us with adventure and freedom. We may desire to have the beautiful house on the peak with a sleek car, when God may actually have planned a smaller home surrounded by a neighborhood where we would meet new friends and build lasting relationships that would in time, turn out to be a great blessing in hard times.

When we realise that what we want may not necessarily be nearly as important and as fulfilling as what God wants for us, then we are making progress. When we sincerely want God to choose for us and rather wait it out than make a hasty decision, then we are learning wisdom.

Abba Lord, i know you always look out for the best for us. I know that i have the tendency to run ahead thinking that i know better or thinking you are slow in making things happen. But i ask for your forgiveness in my haste and i pray that i will slow down and prefer your pace, that i would trust your pace and i would desire your timing and your gift more than i desire my self-created desires. My self-created desires won’t even compare to the depth of your goodness. However packaged it may come, i pray that i will continue to trust in you and i pray that when i struggle, you are nearer and beside me.


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